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Paint Correction Anchorage

Not to be confused with polishing, paint correction is the process of actually performing a deep clean to your car or truck’s paint. This is followed by the use of a high-tech dual-action polisher to remove swirl marks and most scratches. After a typical paint correction, your car will look brand new.

Having grown up in a body shop, 40 years ago, I saw the technology of rotary buffers with big wool pads and wax. So wax and bit rotary buffers, that’s the technology that’s 40-50 years old. However, at Car Deets we use new high-tech dual action buffers that are very expensive and high-tech diminishing wax. Our technicians are trained to do as much or as little as a customer desires, in order to have their vehicle look amazing. We can do a stage two buffing which, at two feet away from the vehicle, looks like a show rig. We can also do a 90% buffing, and when checked with a LED light and magnifying glass, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find any defect in the paint. We always do a walk-through with the customer and inspect their paint on every job so they can tell us what they seek as a desired outcome. We have the technicians and the tools to deliver exactly what the customer wants.

Polishing vs Waxing

Polishing involves removing scratches and swirls from the vehicle. Whereas wax is used to help hide the scratches and swirls. After waxing, the vehicle initially looks great for the following weeks. However, once the car is washed a few times the wax fillers start to break down and the swirls and scratches become visible again.

A ceramic coating is a far superior paint protectant than a wax as it provides stronger and more permanent protection. Ceramic Pro 9H is a nano ceramic paint coating that has the ability to provide permanent paint protection.

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