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Ceramic Pro- Car Paint Protection

A contributive reason to why we provide such superior service is because we use superior products. Along with our polishes, solvents and decontaminants, we use the best car paint protection products on the market. These products play an immense role in preserving the value of your vehicle.  Below are brief descriptions of the Ceramic Pro car paint protection products we use.

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Ceramic Pro 9H

Most Alaskans just want an interior detail because they don’t believe that there’s anything they can do to keep the exterior of their rig looking amazing. Because wax is soft, Alaskans have discovered that spending a lot of time and money on wax is almost a waste of time and waste of money, so at Car Deets, we searched for a product that could provide all of the benefits of wax — the deep shine with UV protection.  Alaskans deal with 24 hours of sunlight every day through the summer, and the sun is very harsh on our paint. So at Car Deets, we sought out a very hard product to give maximum protection, which Ceramic Pro 9H does. We were looking for a hydrophobic coating with the benefit of UV protection as well as swirl protection, chemical resistance. We discovered Ceramic Pro 9H would do all of those things for us and provide an incredible shine and longevity for our customers.

Ceramic Pro Light

Alaskans deal with rain and snow more than most states in the country. Ceramic Pro Light provides our customers with an incredible shine and a hydrophobic surface that repels water, allowing their vehicle to stay cleaner longer. Once the vehicle needs to be washed, Ceramic Pro Light provides a surface that allows ease of clean up.

Ceramic Pro Sport

Ceramic Pro Sport is one of the most exciting products to come along in a while because it provides an entry-level opportunity for our customers to test most of the benefits of Ceramic Pro without having to spend a significant amount of money. Ceramic Pro Sport provides our customers a deep shine, a hydrophobic surface, some chemical resistance, and, best of all, there’s no curing time, so Ceramic Pro Sport can be applied the same day that we do the detail.

Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper

Alaskan vehicles take a beating from the harsh weather we have here. Wheels in Alaska take an even bigger beating. Winter road salt applied to the streets really creates a mess out of wheels.  Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper coating provides an ultra hard protection for the wheels and allows for easy clean up. This product is the best when it comes to protection against the chemicals poured on  Alaskan roads.

Ceramic Pro Rain

Windshields are a big deal in Alaska. If you find a windshield that’s not cracked already, it’s because it’s new. Ceramic Pro Rain provides a super hydrophobic surface, but also provides an additional level of hardness to give your windshield the greatest possible opportunity to last as long as it possibly can in the harsh elements in Alaska.

Ceramic Pro Leather

Alaskans love the inside of their vehicles because we spend so much time in them. At Car Deets we see a significant amount of wear and stains on leather seats, so we use Ceramic Pro Leather to provide a barrier against wear and stains on leather interiors, to provide longevity and beauty inside the car.

Ceramic Pro Textile

The only thing that takes a worse beating than the outside of a vehicle in Alaska is the inside. Alaskans drink more coffee per capita than any other state in the country. With Ceramic Pro Textile, we can offer our customers a whole new level of protection for their carpets and cloth interior, protection against the spilled mocha and the spilled Americano –which provides ease of clean up and provides a higher resale value for that vehicle because of the protection provided by Ceramic Pro Textile.


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